Enssure Dengue NS1 Assay kit

The Dengue NS1 Rapid Test is a diagnostic tool used to detect the presence of the Dengue non-structural protein 1 (NS1) antigen in a patient's blood. This test is essential for the early diagnosis of dengue fever, as it can identify the virus in the bloodstream within the first few days of infection, even before the patient's immune system produces detectable antibodies. Early detection of NS1 antigen is crucial for prompt medical intervention and patient management, reducing the risk of severe complications associated with dengue fever.

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Dengue NS1 

  1. Intended Use:
    The Rapid Dengue NS1 Antigen test is a lateral flow immunoassay designed for healthcare professionals to qualitatively detect Dengue NS1 antigen in human blood/serum/plasma.
  2. Principle:
    The Rapid Dengue NS1 Antigen test involves adding a blood sample to the device, where it reacts with gold-conjugated Dengue NS1 antibodies. This forms a complex that moves onto a nitrocellulose membrane, creating a colored Test Line if Dengue NS1 antigens are present. The Control Line, generated by the reaction with goat anti-rabbit IgG, serves as a procedural control, indicating a valid test when both lines appear.

Testing Procedure